Total Solar Eclipse April 8th, 2024 is over. What a treat. Now we look forward to Spain in 2026 :-)

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    "I came back out to purchase your glasses because of the great quality of the sun I was seeing. In comparison to the free glasses I received at the Balloon Fiesta this was a mile apart in quality. Well worth it to get TSE's glasses at a small cost." Balloon Fiesta Attendee 2023

  • Big Event > 17000 TSE17/Lunt Glasses sold at a single store. Way to go !! Read their story. Offer Eclipse Glasses to your customers. Get in touch with us for a custom wholesale quote ...

  • Important ! Safe Sun Viewing: While looking directly at the Sun without protection is dangerous, there are a variety of safe solar viewing options available. These include solar glasses from TSE17 ;-) and binoculars, solar filters for telescopes and cameras, and dedicated solar telescopes.

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Dr.Sky video "Ring of Fire" event 2023 - Albuquerque